Smart City

Smart City

Smart solutions can improve multiple aspects of the quality of life in cities!

Smart-City platform help cities get more out of their assets, whether they have extensive legacy systems or are building from scratch.
Infrastructure investment once locked cities into capital-intensive and extremely long-term plans. Now, using the right combination of traditional construction and smart solutions, they can respond more dynamically to how demand is changing.

Smart City is about using technology and data purposefully to make better decisions!

• Web-Gis 3D Platform for Analysis and Management of Point Clouds
•  360° Images
• Geo Data-Base and Big-Data
• Map Navigation
• Assets Management

Smart City allows to navigate, through Point Clouds and Panorama Cameras, the real world into 3D Scanning; projects are georeferenced on cartographic base.
The Platform allows to manage various types of Assets, using Layers and the creation of a 3D information system. You can research previously mapped elements and simulate mixed reality on Panorma Cameras and Point Clouds.